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Modernity, diference, quality. These were the conceptual pillars for this project. Inspired by the fantastic landscapes that the North of Portugal offers, the sense of serenity and the altitude where the vineyards grow.

All of this process could not help but to result in an unique and special object. The choice of the materials and final touches were meticulously planned to make the bottle stand out when held by the consumer.

This collection is born through a modern touch combined with an intellectual Nipponese approach and the cleanliness of Nordic tendencies.

Ardina Label
Ardina Branco

Ardina · Arinto

Citrus color. Fruity and elegant aroma. Full of harmony, fresh, with a long finish.

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Ardina Loureiro

Ardina · Loureiro

Citrus color. Elegant aroma with floral notes. Volume in the mouth with an excellent acidity and an extensive finish.

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Ardina Espumante

Ardina · Espumante

Castelo Negro
Castelo Negro Alvarinho

Castelo Negro · Alvarinho Avesso

Citrus color. Subtle aroma with complex exotic fruit notes. Full bodied and character, with persistent finish.

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Castelo Negro Avesso

Castelo Negro · Avesso

Citrus color. Elegant aroma with white fruit notes. Full volume in the mouth with a well integrated acidity that provides a long finish in the mouth.

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Castelo Negro Rosé

Castelo Negro · Rosé

Pale pink color. Complex and exuberant symphony of forest aromas. Delicate and expressive with timeless and seductive character.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Castelo Negro Azeite

Castelo Negro · Azeite

This Olive Oil results from high standard selection of traditional olive varieties: Cobrançosa, Madural and the Verdeal Transmontana.

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Ardina - Arinto
Ardina - Loureiro
Castelo Negro - Avesso
Castelo Negro - Alvarinho · Avesso
Castelo Negro - Alvarinho · Avesso - Prémio
Castelo Negro - Rosé
Castelo Negro - Rosé - Prémio


Team - Bruno Valente

Bruno Valente

A grandson of farmers in the deepest Tras-os-Montes, I spent all my childhood and youth between the city of Porto and Macedo de Cavaleiros, more properly Talhas a village overlooking the river Sabor. From a very young age, agriculture is part of my life, harvesting, picking olives, cultural crops, etc. I attended the Agricultural School in Santo Tirso and then I entered higher education - UTAD Vila Real, enology course. With more than 15 years of consulting, I decided to embrace this new project.

Equipa - Daniel Costa

Daniel Costa

The passion for wine arises due to the family tradition in the cultivation of the vineyard and in the art of creating wines. The Region of the Vinhos Verdes and Douro were scenarios always present in my upbringing. The first project comes within the family with the launch of a Vinho Verde for the market. Soon, an invitation to work in an oenological consulting company in which I stayed for 15 years. Later we decided to create an oenological consulting firm, Winelords. With the intention of creating new and better wines in this fantastic vineyard country that is Portugal.


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4640-626 Baião · Portugal

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